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based on a true story

Kids'Garret gives children the possibility to travel with their imagination, to discover the fashions, objects and habits of past societies.
Each collection tells a story, inspired by an historical figure.
These characters are not necessarily heroes, geniuses or saints; they are chosen for their fortitude and initiative.
The history of humanity is full of marvellous true stories!


Amelia collection

This collection is inspired by the true story of Amelia Earhart, an American aviator who became very famous in the 1930's as the first woman to cross the Atlantic in a solo flight.
Aviation was a man's world.
Amelia struggled all her life to reach goals that she set herself, one after the other. Her intention was not to outdo men or be the first woman to sign a record.
She just wanted to be THE FIRST.
Kids will be inspired by Amelia's extraordinary story.


Alexander collection

The collection is a tribute to Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), the famous Berliner botanist, geographer, naturalist and explorer, who contributed, with his enormous and majestic work of measurement of the botanical geography in different countries, to create modern biogeography and geomagnetic and meteorological monitoring systems.
Alexander von Humboldt was a man of two centuries: the XVIII century, l’Âge des Lumières, and the XIX century, the age of Romanticism. He was a really complex figure, imbued - with his sense and sensibility, science and empathy - of the nature of his time .
This is what the Alexander collection wants to communicate.


Mille Miglia collection

Takes its name from the legendary Italian sport event (1927-1957) that was born during the fascist era and ran until the post–World War II economic boom.
We could tell you many incredible stories about cars, engineers, body shops and, of course, pilots, who vied to show off in the mythical Mille Miglia. Stories of courage : Maria Antonietta Avanzo, audacity : Tazio Nuvolari, utter determination : Ada Pace, shrewdness : Piero Taruffi, craftsmanship : Ugo Zagato. But the real protagonist was the race itself.
Passions and dreams of a still largely agricultural country that admired modernity and the rumbling of engines, were brought on the roads. It was an approximately 1600 km long - or 1,000 miles, “mille miglia” in Italian - open-road endurance race from Brescia to Rome and back. Nowadays the Mille Miglia is a marvellous rolling exhibition. The only vehicles allowed are those whose models took part in the original road race.
Courage, audacity and creativity are necessary to partecipate to this unusual race.